SIS Enable offers web accessibility testing services to help businesses make their static, dynamic and transaction oriented digital interfaces accessible in compliance to the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG).

The expert teams use a hybrid approach that combines both the benefits of automated testing coupled with the rigour of manual testing done by actual testers who are disabled. We use assistive technologies like screen readers, magnifiers and speech recognition assistive technology to check and flag barriers.

Section 508 Compliance Testing

De-risk your federal government projects by staying Section 508 compliant. Our Accessibility experts will help you through the Section 508 Audit and Testing process including creation of a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

Dedicated Accessibility Support Teams

Accelerate your on- going accessibility testing support with a dedicated team from our side. We closely work with your team to perform accessibility audits and provide you a detailed vulnerability report with recommendations. Regression Testing support to ensure continuous or periodic accessibility compliance.

Project based Accessibility Testing Engagement

Our Team evaluates your digital interface's complexity and engages with you on a fixed bid model where we assign the right team with the right set of tools and skills to conduct end-to-end accessibility compliance testing.

Our Hybrid Testing Approach

User Testing

  • Manual testing with assistive technology differently abled testers
  • Testing with functional accessibility tester
  • Doing agile testing methodology for regression round of testing

Continuous feedback loop between User Testing & Expert Testing

Expert Testing

  • Tools guided evaluation
  • Expert simulation of end-user experience
  • Tool- based inspection
  • Code review

We help you comply to

Section 508, ADA Compliance, AODA, EN 301 549, GIGW and PDF U/A and conformance to WCAG.

Covering disabilities like

Impaired Vision, 
                                                        Cognitive Impairment
                                                        Color Blindness,
                                                        Partial Blindness,
                                                        Partial Deafness,
                                                        Motor Impairment,
                                                        Mobility Impairment,
                                                        Speech Impairment

Devices and environments tested on:

Desktop computers / Laptop / Tablet:

  • Windows OS: Chrome + JAWS and Firefox / Microsoft Edge + NVDA
  • Mac OS: Safari + VoiceOver

Mobile Devices:

  • Android OS: Chrome + Talkback
  • iOS: Safari + VoiceOver
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4 Step Accessibility Testing Engagement Process


Understand the accessibility requirements.


Define scope/ screens to test.


Identify accessibility testing tasks based on app type.


Perform testing to ensure accessibility compliance.

The accessibility testing team does the following

  • Interacts with client/ stakeholders to understand in- depth accessibility requirements.
  • Identifies the number of screens to be tested and identify the browsers and platforms to be tested.
  • Identify the accessibility testing tasks of any website or native app or mobile app.
  • Ensure the application and documents comply with Section 508, ADA Compliance, AODA, EN 301 549, GIGW and PDF U/A and conformance to WCAG.