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At At SIS Enable we strongly believe that digital transformation initiatives should focus on creating accessible offerings for all stakeholders and not just for users with disabilities.

The focus to 'shift left' that we now see happening will have the greatest impact increasing the accessibility of digital offerings. In the development cycles this 'shift left' starts with the designers who play a vital role in creating accessible solutions.

Design teams trying to create the best user experiences are now focused on inclusive UX design, cultivating empathy and understanding of diverse user groups to ensure their products are usable and enjoyable by as many people as possible including users with disabilities.

Focusing on accessibility in the design phase accelerates the testing process with minimal accessibility issues thereby reducing development costs and avoiding project delays.

Our Experts

Our accessibility experts can help your design teams understand the way users with disabilities may perceive and interact with your product. We can help your design teams include disabled user personas with a variety of disability types and help your teams identify their abilities, aptitudes and assistive technologies they might use to interact with your product.

Our accessibility experts will help you with conducting accessibility reviews for your designs or mocks in XD or Figma and provide you early insights on your designs before they enter costly development cycles.

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multiple users having one or more disabilities including age related conditions that can act as barriers to using technology.