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Ethical Responsibility

Promote equality and inclusivity by ensuring that digital experiences are accessible to all. Align your organisation with ethical values that resonate with modern societal expectations.

Legal Compliance

Meet legal requirements and accessibility standards such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Avoid potential legal actions, penalties, and reputation damage.

Financial Gains

Accessible websites accommodate a broader range of users, including those with disabilities. Positive user experiences lead to higher conversion rates, ultimately boosting sales and revenue.

How enable by SIS Can Help

At enable by SIS our accessibility services and training can help you create and deliver compliant accessible experiences for your users with disabilities. Our accessibility audit and testing services and our trainings will help you create the desired mindset across your organization teams to help you deliver accessibility compliant products and services to your end users.

Accessibility Design Review

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Consulting

Accessibility Training

Why enable by SIS

A dedicated WCAG compliance partner

We believe in an inclusive world and we are more than excited to be your accessibility partner on demand.

We are focused and have the expertise

Our accessibility experts focus on how to help our customers deliver on accessibility goals using the right mix of assistive tech and guidelines.

It is a part of our DNA

With expertise in the services business and products in the healthcare space, accessibility compliance is a priority for us and forms a part of our inclusive DNA.

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